Thursday, July 3, 2008

Website Designs in Berkshire, Oxford and Oxfordshire

you don't want to have more than five options in your menu bar as this helps create an impression of singular purpose in the mind of the visitor and it also keeps their interest focused. A simple design and keeping the visitors focus intact will mean not having more than five options in the menu bar, though you could have a number of sub menus that come up as you select any of the five main options. Next, you need to ensure that your website design Oxford, Berkshire and Oxfordshire helps make it clear what you want visitors to your website to do such as having options for contact, ordering products or services, adding comments or any other call to action which are easy to do anywhere on your website both in textual form as well as graphically. There should also be free access to help if needed since it could mean the difference between a sale and a visitor that will leave your website for the simple reason that the visitor could not get his or her question answered by someone from your website. Finally, you also need to ensure that your website design Oxford, Oxfordshire and Berkshire should be consistent among various elements of its design since the look as well as feel of your website is a summation of each individual part. Thus, even if you design your own website or get professionals to do it for you, following these simple steps should help ensure that you come up with a site that wins you visitors who turn their visits into sales and thus promotes your business further.

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