Friday, July 11, 2008

Jobs Promises iPhone Will Bring Web 2.0 To Mobile

Steve Jobs today in his keynote (or is it Jobsnote) at WWDC in San Francisco talked up the iPhone as a truly mobile Web 2.0 solution. Jobs said that the power of the "full" Safari browser on the iPhone lets developers design and use real, Web 2.0 applications like widgets. That's right, third-party developers will be able to make applications for the iPhone. But just how easy will it be? Is this real or just more of the reality distortion field?

Jobs said that it will be easy for developers to design new applications for the iPhone. Here is a look at Jobs' pitch (along with another blogger's comments):

"We have been trying to come up with a solution to expand the capabilities of the iPhone so developers can write great apps for it, but keep the iPhone secure. And we've come up with a very. Sweet. Solution. Let me tell you about it. An innovative new way to create applications for mobile devices... it's all based on the fact that we have the full Safari engine in the iPhone."

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