Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Notable Ministry, Non-Profit & Church Website launches

Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is an organization of individuals that believes Evangelicals have largely forgotten the foundations of the Christian Gospel and is dedicated to calling on the Protestant churches, especially those that call themselves Reformed, to return to the principles of the Protestant Reformation. The Alliance consists of a who's who of pastors/theologians such as RC Sproul, Albert Mohler, CJ Mahany, John Piper, John Macarthur, Mark Dever, Jerry Bridges and many others.

University of North Texas Center for Play Therapy

The Center for Play Therapy's mission is to encourage the unique development and emotional growth of children through the process of play therapy, a dynamic interpersonal relationship between a child and a therapist trained in play therapy procedures.

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