Thursday, July 3, 2008

Social Networking Profiles as Billboards with SocialVibe

SocialVibe, whose parent company West Hollywood, CA-based Archetype Media raise $4.12 million from Redpoint Ventures in February, offers users a flash-based widget that they can embed anywhere that accepts flash widgets. Specifically, the company encourages users to embed them on Facebook and MySpace. The widget displays brand advertising (for brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Sprint, or E*Trade) via logo art designed with the social networking set in mind or flash video.

In exchange for displaying the ads on their social networking profiles, users are rewarded with points. The more views or the longer an advertising badge stays up on a site, the more points users earn. Some sponsors also offer prizes for anyone who displays their ad widget. While users are earning points and prize drawing entries, a charity of their choice is earning cash. It sounds like a good deal for everyone involved, and it seems to be working pretty well -- most charities on the site have raised at least a couple of thousand dollars, and will continue to be able to do so as long as SocialVibe can demonstrate a good ROI for advertisers.

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