Monday, July 14, 2008

CMS Winchester - UK Content Management System

CMS (content management system) can unlock your website's selling potential. But it has to be used intelligently and created with the all-powerful search engines in mind.

At MAG Studios we keep content management simple: you won’t find convoluted HTML, boring templates, badly written machine code, or confusing user interfaces on any of our customer websites. Getting CMS wrong can be an instant turn-off for search engines, losing your site valuable visitor traffic.

We’ll make sure your site is not baffling or intimidating, and that you stay firmly in control. And we’ll suggest additional modules and site facilities as and when you need them, such as:

  • FAQ manager
  • manager
  • Vacancy manager
  • Password protected members only areas
  • Guest books / blogs
  • Discussion forums
  • Bespoke applications can also be written and integrated seamlessly


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