Thursday, July 3, 2008

Advantages for Hunters in World of Warcraft

For solo play, I love having my own personal tank. My pet takes the vast majority of the damage, while I can fire away to my heart's content. Sure, warlocks get this advantage too...but they don't get to name their pets! Seriously, though, the different types of pets that Hunters can get far outweighs the options that Warlocks have for theirs.

And still on the subject of pets, Hunters can get a huge advantage in mining and herbalism. Many a time I have landed on a rock to mine it, only to be attacked by a mob defending it. This in itself is only a minor inconvenience, but when I am followed by some Horde who wants to "ninja" the node, he finds that he cannot. Why? Because my pet is handling the mob, while I was able to continue mining! I don't know how many rocks I have saved that way, but it has to number in the hundreds.

Another Hunter advantage that I love is Feign Death. How many times have I been the only player to survive a wipe? And my guild mates don't mind either, because they know I carry the Goblin Jumper cables on me, and may be able to revive a Healer and get the whole group back!

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